The Crowd: A day at Newport's 'lifestyle university'

February 08, 2012|By B.W. Cook

It is about 8 a.m. on a Saturday in Newport Beach.

The town is still quiet, but at a swank Irvine Co. office building in Fashion Island cars are pulling up in the front circular drive. They are full of a diverse group of people who have signed up for "Master Class," produced by a company known as STYLE 2020.

Founded several years ago by O.C. entrepreneur Kathryn Moore, STYLE 2020, headquartered in Newport Beach and with a global reach, is a personal branding company. Its mission is to assist both men and women in recognizing the elements of style, with particular emphasis on fashion, which create their own personal image.


Moore is fond of stating, "Life is your runway, walk it in style."

And "style" can be defined differently for each individual client's needs and desires. This is the essence of the STYLE 2020 model.

Moore works with an accomplished team of fashionistas to deliver individual style advice to clients. Her team includes lead stylist Zeena Abidi and sales team executive Lisa Marmorino, who comes to STYLE 2020 from the legendary house of Chanel.

Impeccable credentials are essential. Clients who enroll in STYLE 2020 programs expect expert advice. They are busy, accomplished individuals seeking professional guidance. And they are buying advice and counsel much in the same way individuals enroll in courses of higher education.

This is not a one- or two-hour fast-track experience on how to dress for success at the next event or office party. Rather, as Moore states, it is an experience she would like to label as attending a lifestyle university.

Clients enroll in sessions that encompass weeks and even months of training, shopping, evaluating and restyling an image as is deemed appropriate.

To that end, this "lifestyle university" is not just a personal shopping session, nor just a closet reevaluation experience. Experts in such areas as color selection, wardrobe, hair and makeup, voice and diction, business and personal etiquette, health and wellness, posture, poise and confidence, and the psychological element of inner beauty and attitude play into the overall experience.

Introducing the approach to clients is one of the goals of Master Class, the first of what will become a regular STYLE 2020 offering, which unfolded on this recent Saturday morning in Newport Beach.

It is not inexpensive.

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