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They're going to the dogs (in a good way)

Local businesses cater to the doggy day care niche and feature a variety of care styles for pets.

December 05, 2011|By Alicia Lopez

Sleeping near humans is a perk at the Dog Park Inn as well. Bob said his 18-year-old son has a room in the back he prefers and the dogs get to hang out at night. He said the crate-trained dogs sometimes feel more comfortable in the crate, but the rest sleep in the same room as a human.

"They have a sense of security because they can feel a person in the room," Bob said.

Owners also have the option of taking their dog to an animal hospital like Newport Harbor Animal Hospital in Costa Mesa or Newport Center Animal Hospital and Pet Hotel Suites in Newport Beach, which will care for a dog for usually a little less cost than the cage-free businesses.

Bob said if a new dog is coming over to stay during the holidays, the family will figure out through the interview process if the dog will need a little extra care.


"We see what their routine is and make them comfortable — with bedding from home if they have it," he said.

Bob suggests for those considering putting a dog in boarding for the holidays that they first go to the day care for a little bit to both get the dog comfortable and to let the owner be familiar with you and be more likely to accept a dog at the last minute.

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