Mailbag: It's time oust to school board over 'scandal'

October 15, 2011

I can see that we have reached a new set point in our tolerance of scandal. Buried within the unfolding story about new charges being brought against the superintendent of schools is a disclosure that another of Jeffrey Hubbard's appointees from his previous employer is earning $142,000 a year, having received salary increases of $35,000 since being hired in 2008.

This amount apparently includes bonuses, cost-of-living increases and other salary bumps on top of a car and cell phone allowance. This employee's income increased more than 14% in about 2 years.

I haven't had an earnings increase in four years. In fact, I have experienced a 10% furlough, which is a polite modern term used to describe subtracting money from your paycheck while adding work to your desk. I am now behind where I started and slipping fast.


While our school system continues to cut programs and faces a reduction in classroom days this year, administrators are receiving bonuses, car allowances, cell phone allowances and cost-of-living increases. Starting salaries for teachers continue to be scandalously low while bloated administrators feast at the banquet of bonuses, generous raises and miscellaneous allowances.

The scandal fatigue at the school district has caused us to lose sight of the forest and the trees. A new broom sweeps clean. It's time to clean house, start over and focus our schools on our children and not on featherbedding the administration.

Change starts at the top. The school board that enables this to continue is the starting point. Out they go, followed by the administrators and their six-figure salaries and bonuses.

This scandalous conduct continues to exist by having of our continuing, explicit consent.

Thomas J. Peterson

Newport Beach


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