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Mailbag: Irvine 11 editorials got it wrong

October 03, 2011

As the saying goes, "Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty." Thanks to reporter Mike Reicher and the Daily Pilot for helping us remain vigilant.

Jon Rowe

Costa Mesa


Do not honor 40th president

(Re. "Newport to dedicate Reagan statue," Oct. 1): Notwithstanding the salient fact that the City Council clearly circumvented proper protocol from the outset regarding the Ronald Reagan statue on so many levels — from its fundraising to underwrite the costs, to bypassing the Arts Commission entirely to allow certain council members to dictate the sites where they think the statue should be permanently situated (all of which Daily Pilot's former columnist Bill Lobdell spoke to in his op-ed pieces so eloquently) — it appears that the City Council's actions (chief among them Councilman Keith Curry) speak to an arrogance and indolence that is nothing short of breathtaking.


And despite the council voting to place this statue in Castaways Park, it mysteriously ended up in Councilman Curry's backyard, where it will nonetheless remain as a paradoxical monument to a president who called government "the problem," clearly illustrated by the clandestine actions of this City Council.

I don't think it's any coincidence that Newport Beach seems to be the only city in the United States to commemorate Reagan's centennial with a statue.

Gee, maybe Councilman Curry should suggest that Budapest become Newport's sister city!

Kevin Doremus

Newport Beach


Solyndra failure not eclipsed

As a member of that minority group of Americans who actually pay federal income taxes, I have a question: Can I deduct my portion of the country's losses on the Obama administration's venture socialism investment in Solyndra Inc. from my income taxes?

For those too busy earning a living to follow this shocking travesty as it unfolds, the Obama folks chose to guarantee with our money a $535-million loan to this Silicon Valley solar chip manufacturer, even though the Bush White House refused to do so, and Obama's own treasury and energy officials advised against it.

And that loan placed the public in an unprecedented subordinated position behind private investors in the event Solyndra went upside-down. And upside-down it went, as of Sept. 30, declaring bankruptcy.

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