Mailbag: Irvine 11 coverage ignores Jewish viewpoint

September 30, 2011

Why would you reprint most of the "Applauding the 'Irvine 11'" article from the Los Angeles Times on Sept. 27, 2011? The article already appeared, in its entirety, the previous day in the L.A. Times.

Did you feel we hadn't gotten enough of the prejudice of the L.A. Times coverage, which was more than transparent, with regard to the pre-meditated acts of verbal violence by the Muslim students against the Israeli Ambassador Michael Oren, accusing him of being an "accomplice to genocide?"

What really disgusts me is that there have not been enough Jewish voices raised here in Orange County in reaction to the Muslims or this reverend, Sarah Halverson of Costa Mesa, who said that "Islamophobia is alive and well in Orange County."


I have lived in Orange County for 13 years. The No. 1 hate crime in Orange County is not toward Muslims, not toward the gay community, not toward Latinos, but toward Jews. The Muslim community is strong, healthy and thrives well here. Their cries of being put down, or looked down upon, are not realistic.

The students who upset the Israeli ambassador that day should have been pulled out immediately; they were looking to create an anti-Semitic forum, as they have done numerous times at UC Irvine with impunity.

With all this belly-aching and the reporting from the Times — and now repeated in the Daily Pilot, for which I see no positive reason — I hear too few voices from the Jewish community. I have to wonder, are we afraid, once again, to speak up? Are we afraid to identify ourselves? Afraid of the repercussions here in Orange County?

I, too, have kept quiet here about my identity. People just assume I'm not Jewish, and I thought it was best to let them think that. I am now ashamed of having done that.

The Times, and now the Daily Pilot, has spurred me to write this letter and come out of the closet. Guess the honeymoon is over.

Michelle Comsky

Newport Coast


Buy American efforts continues

Thank you so very much to the many people who responded to Sarah Peters' article about buying products made in the USA ("Shopper's grass-roots quest," Sept. 20). How encouraging it is to learn so many do, and will, support our local businesses that carry American-made products.

As we go through our daily lives, we all experience corners. Thinking of the corners we face, we consider turning right or left. Perhaps we just go around the corner.

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