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Bachmann criticizes health-care reform, stimulus package

During her visit at the Orange County Fairgrounds, audience members say they want a change: remove Obama from office.

September 16, 2011|By Joseph Serna

Some in the audience were ardent Bachmann supporters, others were conservatives still trying to learn about the candidates. But a common thread among most was replacing Obama.

"I'm looking for change, but not any kind of change Obama wants," said Tom Pollitt, a member of Newport-Mesa's tea party. "We're going to crumble under this debt."

Offering more specifics than fellow tea party favorite Perry did last week, Bachmann slammed Obama's health-care reform, the size of the national debt and the stimulus package approved early in his presidency.


"Repealing 'Obamacare' is why I got involved," Pollitt said. "When that passed, that's the defining moment for me. So it's what matters to me."

Some in the audience who agree with her positions remained skeptical about her electability.

"I don't know if she'll make the cut," said David Harlow, a tea party member from Seal Beach. "I hope she makes it, but I think it will end up being more [former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt] Romney and Perry."

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