Get The Ink Out: Doggone it, now I'm really mad

July 22, 2011|By Jamie Rowe

Lately we've been having problems with the comments on

It seems some readers started leaving their manners at home when we went with the Wild West method of not screening comments.

That's OK. There's a new sheriff in town — Sheriff Rowe — and she's polishing up her twin Colt peacemakers, so you rascally vermin better be on the lookout.


(At this point, I suggest reading my column in a Wild West accent.)

While I may not have Kurt Russell's stellar mustache from "Tombstone," I do have Wyatt Earp's keen eyes. You can bet your last two bits that I find violators faster than a rattlesnake strikes.

I'm going to repost the rules I laid down in September for the elections ("Get The Ink Out: Keep online debates civil"). If it helps, you can imagine it written on paper curling in the hot desert sun.

No obscenities. If you wouldn't want your grandmother to hear it, I wouldn't write it.

No flaming one another. A debate is not made more enlightening by calling anyone an idiot. Pick on the issues, not the person. Also, try to avoid the mob mentality because his or her ideas are in the minority.

No wild accusations. If you can't back up your claim, don't make it.

No racism, sexism, homophobia or religious intolerance. Do I really need to explain this one to you?

Stay on topic. I'm a fan of tangents in conversation, but all too often in political debate, there is a loss of focus.

Be yourself. Please don't create multiple accounts to make the same point, or worse, to debate yourself. If I see this happen, all of your duplicate comments, or comments to yourself, will be deleted.

Lastly, I reserve the right to ban anyone from commenting. Mainly this is for anyone thinking about spamming our site (you hear that, you little bots?!), but if your comments consistently break the rules, you will be blocked.

Yep, those rules haven't changed, pardner. But maybe y'all need random examples I've made up based on real life.

Example: Clearly, you're off your meds and belong in a mental institution.

In the Wild West, them's fightin' words, and online, it's grounds for flaggin' and removal. Disagreeing with someone is no reason to attack on the personal level; furthermore, it doesn't add to the debate. Plus, you're making up a wild accusation. Unless Doc Holliday is flappin' his lips, chances are you don't know someone's mental state.

Example: He's got his head so far up his a**, he sees his tonsils.

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