Coach Ted shows sportsmanship

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Longtime Harbor View Swim Team head man was quick to help out rival team during recent meet.

July 01, 2011
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EDITOR'S NOTE: This story was submitted by a parent from the community.

Several of the spectators did a double-take at Saturday's South Coast Swim Conference relay finals when they noticed a girl lined up at the blocks for Newport Hills in the third lane of the age 7-8 boys' 25-yard backstroke relay.

Newport Hills apparently thought that the upcoming race was an unofficial "mixed" (boy-girl) relay, rather than an official race worth 12 potential points. Harbor View Swim Team Coach Ted Bandaruk, realizing his neighborhood rival's error, jumped over his own starting block from lane No. 4 and risked falling into the pool to warn Newport Hills that it had lined up the wrong swimmer.

"Had the girl dived in, Newport Hills would have been disqualified rather than winning the race," said Amy Cohen, whose son Connor (8) anchored the HVST team that ultimately took second after Coach Ted saved Newport Hills from a DQ. "But it's a classic example of Coach Ted's sportsmanship that he made sure that Newport Hills got the right swimmer up there."


And when Newport Hills made the same mistake in a later race, HVST's Bandaruk again jumped over and corrected them, saving his "rivals" from the loss of crucial points in the hard-fought relay finals, which Newport Hills later won by just six points. In both instances, Bandaruk got the relay official's attention with his famous whistle and convinced the official to briefly halt the meet so that Newport Hills could straighten out its lineup.

For "Coach Ted," as he is known to his swimmers, sportsmanship and staying nimble have been part of the job description this year. HVST, a member of the six-team South Coast Swim Conference that includes teams from Fountain Valley, Huntington Beach and Lake Forest as well as Newport Beach, has faced a number of recent challenges. Those include a renovation of the clubhouse that have made home meets impossible and the loss of the pool's heater during the chilly spring months.

When the pool heater gave out unexpectedly, team president Molly Britt along with Coach Ted and fellow coaches Kate Inglis, Sean McGhie, Amy Zucker and Haley Prickett scrambled to arrange for their swimmers to train at other county facilities, including the Newport Beach Tennis Club and the Costa Mesa Y.M.C.A.

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