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Salata's wonderful life

Irrelevant Week

The man behind Irrelevant Week makes it fun, perhaps because of his intriguing past.

June 14, 2011|By Steve Virgen,

"He told me, 'Mr. Salata, that's the Stanford fight song,'" Salata said. "He said, 'I'm third trombone and that's my part.'"

Salata still laughs. He's happy these days, especially as Irrelevant Week approaches. It's a popular event.

There's been a mystery novel based on Mr. Irrelevant. There's also a movie in the works, said Melanie, who is the CEO of Irrelevant Week.

She said she heard another movie named, "Mr. Irrelevant," is in the works in Canada, but she wants to look into it once the crazy week is over next week to see if there is any copyright infringement.


Maybe someone will make a film about Paul Salata's story. Sounds like a fun movie.


One Big Party

Monday – Arrival Beach Party: 5:30 p.m.-7:30 p.m. at Newport Dunes Waterfront Resort

Tuesday – Mr. Irrelevant will be a special guest ofDisneyland

Wednesday – All-Star Losman Banquet: 6 p.m. at Newport Beach Marriott Hotel and Spa

Thursday – Irrelevant Week Regatta & BBQ

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