Daily Pilot Cup Rules

May 05, 2011

Rules and Regulations

Keep in mind that the intent and purpose of this tournament is to give as many kids as possible a chance to play soccer for their schools and to have fun doing so.  The tournament is less concerned about who wins as it is in having lots of good memories for the kids.

  1. All players on the team must play in each half of the game.  The referee does not enforce this -- the coaches must do this on their own.
  2. All players must be enrolled at the school for which they play.
  3. Once a player plays for a specific team of their school -- they are not allowed to play on any other team that their school has in the tournament. For example, a player cannot play for both the A and B team, or be moved up from 3/4 to 5/6. Once you play, you are locked into that team.
  4. Duration of Play: 25-minute halves in Pool Play, 30-minute halves in the elimination rounds (Qtr-Final, Semi-Final, Final and 3rd Place games).
  5. Running Time:  In order to keep the games on time, the referee might need to keep time running during substitutions, injuries and other causes of lost time.
  6.  Reduced Time:  If a game is running over its time constraints, the referee is authorized to reduce the amount of playing time in order to keep the tournament on schedule.
  7.  Half Times:  No longer than five (5) minutes: Coaches, they have only enough time to get a drink, get two (2) points of emphasis from you and to get any substitutions.
  8. NO WARM-UP DRILLS on the field.  Unless you have the first game of the day and you are there early, you will not have time to warm-up on the field.  Coaches, give players the line-up before your scheduled kickoff.
  9. Get out of the way!  When your game is over, there is a whole set of parents and players who need to sit where you are. Please move away from the sideline and then pack up your gear.  We only have five (5) minutes between games.
  10. To save time, there will be no coin toss.  The home team will get everything -- choice of sides, the kickoff, supply the game ball and choice of sideline.  The schedule indicates the home team.
  11. Number of Players:
  • 5th/6th Grades = 11 vs. 11.  If you have 7 players, the referee must start the game.
  • 3rd/4th Grades =   9  vs.  9.  If you have 6 players, the referee must start the game.

12   Size of Ball:  Size 4

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