On Faith: Anti-Semitic behavior is all over

March 12, 2011|By Mark S. Miller

Julian Assange, WikiLeaks' apostle of transparency, "exposed" a cabal of international Jewish conspiracists, whom he charged with making common cause to smear him and attack his website.

He was piqued over personal e-mails being published by some newspapers. Oh, the irony that something he intended to be private was made public! When told that the object of his wrath, the editor of Britain's Guardian newspaper, was not Jewish, Assange countered that he was "sort of Jewish" because he had a Jewish brother-in-law.

I wonder if those of you who have a Jewish relative know that you are "sort of Jewish." Welcome! Kind of!


John Galliano of Dior proclaimed his "love" for Hitler, whose fearsome looking uniforms no doubt appealed to the designer's fascistic mentality. Of course, Charlie Sheen, loathe to be left behind in the fierce competition to be crowned world-class loon, peppered his recent diatribes with anti-Semitic innuendos (something Sheen now denies).

My personal favorite is Iran's recent entry in this race to the bottom, as the head of Iran's Olympic Committee complained that the logo for London 2012 spells out the graphic "Zion." Previously, Iranians revealed their discovery that the Starbucks' logo features the Jewish heroine, Queen Esther, obviously a coded signal that Starbucks' founder Howard Schwartz's aim is world Jewish domination through pretentious sounding names for cups of coffee.

All of these can be lampooned as the rantings of the unhinged. But let's get serious. What cannot be dismissed is the multitude of Egyptians in Cairo's Tahrir Square who sexually assaulted and beat Lara Logan, chief foreign correspondent for CBS News, while screaming "Jew, Jew."

The Egyptian lovers of freedom, most, if not all, Muslim, could think of no more vile and contemptuous insult to accompany their savagery than to call their victim a "Jew."

Though Logan is not Jewish, all the mob needed was the belief that she was. Underreported, as well, were the chants calling President Mubarak an "Israeli traitor," and the several effigies depicting Mubarak as a vampire with a Star of David scrawled on his forehead that help make the demonstrations so inspiring.

Andrew G. Bostom writes that "virulent Muslim Jew-hatred is inspired by the core, profoundly anti-Semitic motifs of Islam's foundational texts, the Koran hadith, and sira."

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