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Steinberg still host with most

Newport Beach sports agent looking forward to throwing his 25th Super Bowl party on Saturday.

January 31, 2011|By Steve Virgen,

He also enjoys that his parties donate to charities and educate the public about issues such as green awareness.

Some of the party will be donating to the North Dallas Food Bank. Steinberg also plans to raise money for water purifying machines to be sent to Haiti.

"There will be people there from every form of entertainment," Steinberg said. "And we'll have politicians from every side. We'll have a number of different sponsors. The funds we raise will go to charity. The party is being broadcast on local TV there and a number of radio stations will be there."


Steinberg will be making the rounds on Friday in Dallas on Radio Row, doing his best to publicize the party. By the time the Steelers and Packers take the field on Sunday, Steinberg joked that he'll need a vocal-chord transplant.

He must get the word out about his party. He's competing against other big-time names trying to throw the best bash.

The Black-Eyed Peas will headline Sports Illustrated's party, according to a Reuters report. Prince and hip-hop artist Diddy are also throwing parties.

The least expensive ticket to the Super Bowl was $2,194 last week on Stub Hub. These parties can go for a lot more.

Prince is charging $25,000 for a "head table" of 10, Reuters reported.

Steinberg has heard that a ticket for his gala goes for $3,500. But he says he doesn't charge that much for those who know him.

After all, he says he's throwing a party for 2,500 of his closest friends. That will take place at Eddie Deen Ranch in Dallas. More people will surely come.

As the party goes into the night, the second party will begin. A featured part of the celebration will be the Multi-Ethnic Sports Hall of Fame induction ceremony. Steinberg is being inducted for his contributions to the world of sports and for his humanitarian efforts.

More than likely, Steinberg won't be going to the Super Bowl. He'll definitely watch.

"This is as classic a conflict you can find between two teams," he said of the Pittsburgh-Green Bay matchup. "Football is larger than life in those cities."

In addition to party planning, Steinberg stays busy. He's planning to re-launch his sports agent firm next month.

He has also been a go-to guy on several issues relating to football. He was recently featured in a Los Angeles Times story about the possible return of football to L.A. Steinberg was in charge of the "Save the Rams" project when the team left L.A.

He's also often asked for expertise about concussions, as he's headed efforts on awareness for years.

Now many are asking for his take on the NFL labor situation that's expected to result in a lockout. NFL owners including Jerry Jones (Cowboys) and Bob Kraft (Patriots) are expected to attend his party, and the ongoing battle should be a hot topic.

"It would be suicidal to have a strike or labor stoppage," Steinberg said. "Brighter minds need to prevail. Who wants to be the person who destroys this golden goose?

"Both sides need to cool down the rhetoric and take a look at the catastrophic effect that a lockout could have. A labor fight that would pit billionaires [owners] against millionaires [players] would be one that would not be followed by the fans."

But all that NFL labor stuff can wait. This weekend, it's time to party.

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