Community & Clubs: Lunch bunch reaches 30 years

January 04, 2011|By Jim de Boom
  • Members of the Out to Lunch Bunch gather with their husbands at a recent dinner. From left to right, Annie Younglove, Donna Wicks, Steve Younglove, Janice Nimmo, Les Nimmo, Roger Alford, Ann Marie Alford, Barbara de Boom and Jim de Boom.
Members of the Out to Lunch Bunch gather with their husbands… (Hand in, Daily Pilot )

The year 2011 marks the 30th anniversary of a group of moms known as the Out to Lunch Bunch. The common denominator is that each member had a child in kindergarten at Woodland Elementary School, which became a K-2 school when nearby Kaiser Elementary School became a grades 3 through 6 school.

Initially it was three or four Woodland moms who would go out for lunch after a Parent Faculty Organization meeting. The group expanded to a dozen moms after the first Jog-a-thon at Kaiser Elementary School a year or two later that was chaired by Ann Alford and Margo Cleary. The dozen moms, who were counting the proceeds collected from the Kaiser School jog-a-thon, liked the time they shared together, and the Out to Lunch Bunch was formed. They went out for lunch once every month.

As some of the moms had to work during the day, they would go out for dinner so that all could be included. The group continues today, having a Christmas Gift exchange just before Christmas. Every year for 30 years they have shared together weddings of their children, funerals of their parents, and baby showers for their grandchildren.


One year at Christmas time, a ship and wrap store opened in West Cliff Plaza and was looking for temporary help. The OTLB moms as a group ended up working shifts, wrapping gifts while earning extra money for their families for Christmas.

When a big O birthday of one of the moms comes up, they are off for the weekend maybe to Big Bear, Santa Barbara, Catalina, Palm Desert, or Glen Ivy Hot Springs. They have involved the families at picnics at the park next to the Lou Yantorn Boys and Girls Club in Costa Mesa. One year they got the husbands to cook omelets for them on Mother's Day. And there was always the end of the school year pizza party for the kids and their moms while they were in elementary school.

Still active in the OTLB are Ann Alford (now know as Anne Marie), Annie Younglove, Judy Geim, Diana Reed, Toby Yockus, Donna Wicks, Janice Nimmo and Barbara de Boom. Four others who were members and have moved away for Newport Mesa are Pat Karle, Jan Najum, Judy Mitchell and Margo Cleary, although when they have been back to visit family in Newport Mesa, they have gotten together with the OTLB group.

Rumor has it that the OTLB is planning a reunion with their children and grandchildren in 2011.

Going twice a month

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