Sounding Off: Using perspective to refresh hope

December 28, 2010|By Dave Cornelius

Editor's note: This is the second of two parts.

On Sundays, I usually attend services at Rock Harbor Church in Costa Mesa. On a recent Sunday, I needed a musical spiritual uplifting.

I drove 30 minutes to Saddleback Church in Lake Forest to visit the Praise Tent for the desired musical spiritual renewal. The Praise Tent is the only place I know in Orange County where you can find a foot-stomping, hand-clapping and voice-raising, Holy Spirit-uplifting gospel music experience.


That Sunday, Pastor Rick Warren delivered a message about the "Decade of Destiny." The message outlined nine key activities for a successful plan to "getting to where you want to be":

• Determine your present position or condition;

• Describe what you want and don't want;

• Find a promise from God;

• Ask for God's help;

• Identify the barriers that interfere with reaching the desired goals;

• Create a step-by-step plan;

• Be patient and persistent;

• Enlist a team for support; and

• Pay the price.

For me, the message was a call to action to identify, plan, collaborate, validate and execute. It was time to get out of the box and start interacting with people face to face. It's tempting to stay in the box and do the journey alone, but I was moved and led to get out there. I joined my church writing team, attended a Project Management Institute - Orange County advanced topics seminar, became a member of its toast masters club, and volunteered for the PMI OC dinner events. I was committed to get it going!

The ninth step in "getting to where you want to be" calls for sacrifice and to "pay the price." I now realize that the high-end salaries with the 60- to 70-hour weeks are gone, and accepting the reality of the current economic challenges has given me peace of mind. Separating from my family to accept a job in another location of the country would create instability and anxiety. My wife and I discussed the possibility of commuting to chase the money, but leaving my family does not appeal to my better judgment. Despite messages from society that financial gain supersedes family, I am committed to family cohesion and stability. The price to pay is delayed gratification and the value received is an intact family.

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