Lobdell: Newport-Mesa's edition of 'Jeopardy!'

December 27, 2010|By William Lobdell

It's time for the inaugural year-end version of "Newport-Mesa Jeopardy!" And here's your host, Alex Trebek!

Alex: Let's get right to it. The categories are: All's Fair, Schooled, Newport Traditions, Politics As Usual, What's in a Name? and Headaches. Remember, your response has to be in the form of a question.

Contestant No. 1: I'll take All's Fair for $100, Alex.

Alex: And the answer is: They will be the only real winners in the ongoing battle to take control of the 150-acre Orange County Fairgrounds.



Contestant No. 1: Who are the attorneys?

Alex: Correct. Remember, the $100 questions are usually very easy.

Contestant No. 1: All's Fair for $200.

Alex: This is scheduled to happen for the first time on New Year's Day and promises to be more entertaining — and perhaps draw more blood — than the Gator, Fiesta and Rose bowls combined.


Contestant No. 1: What is a mixed martial arts cage match between Fair Board chair David Ellis and the tag-team duo of Orange County Market Place owner Jeff Teller and former Costa Mesa Mayor Sandy Genis?


Alex shakes his head.


Contestant No. 2: What is an Orange County Fair Board meeting designed to get the fairgrounds property into the hands of the states winning bidder — Facilities Management West — before Jerry Brown becomes governor or the courts rule otherwise?

Alex: A little wordy, but you got it and now have control of the board.

Contestant No. 2: Let's take Schooled for $100.

Alex: And the answer is: Before 2011 ends, the Newport-Mesa Unified School District and New Orleans will have this in common.


Contestant No. 2: What is Hurricane Katrina?

Alex: Yes. For Newport-Mesa, the hurricane refers to newly elected board member Katrina Foley, who promises to bring winds of change to the way the school district operates and create something of a ruckus along the way.

Contestant No. 2: Lets skip to What's in a Name for $100.

Alex: The best two nicknames ever given to local politicians, these were bestowed on Costa Mesa Planning Commissioners Steve Mensinger and Jim Fitzpatrick by local blogger Geoff West.


Contestant No. 2: What are Don Quixote and Sancho Panza, respectively?

Alex: Correct.

Contestant No. 2: Hmm, how about Newport Traditions for $100?

Alex: These people have no sense of humor when you poke fun of something they love.


Contestant No. 2: Who are USC football fans?


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