Mailbag: Newport couple witnessed plane crash

November 23, 2010

Me and my husband witnessed the crash ("Authorities release crash victims' names," Nov. 21). We saw it glide straight down from our backyard — like 50 feet from our lawn — and hit the water. It looked like he was trying to slow down for an emergency landing. We saw a big splash from the water. I called 911 right away and my hubby went to the bay. I thought I heard someone scream for help, but that was probably one of the joggers down the bay. I can't believe all passengers were killed. So sad!

Barshtak, via

Boaters are paying fair share

Mr. Dennis Baker implies that boat owners are not paying their own way and should not be subsidized by the rest of the taxpayers ("Boat owners can pay their own way, Forum, Nov. 23"). What about the millions of dollars that are collected every year from boat owners in the form of property tax? The city of Newport Beach gets paid on these property taxes and those funds are added to the city's coffers. It is an insult to imply that boat owners are not paying their fair share.


Doug Welsh

Newport Beach

Fairgrounds deal bad for CA

No way does this sale help the state (Facilities Management requests to intervene in fairgrounds lawsuit," Nov. 22). It's a pittance that will not make a difference to the billions of dollars California is in the hole. Protecting the employees at the fairgrounds? You don't own the Fair or the 32nd DAA with this sale. It's already been reported their payroll is over $10 million a year. You plan to carry that? What's the big rush to get this sale done? Once and for all, FMW you do not have community support. This lawsuit is just, and we can't let our fairgrounds get in the hands of people we don't know and who show a disregard for what is fair.

4-H mom, via

UC president's speech

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