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Mailbag: Leaders, columnist cite misleading figures

November 08, 2010

There are many people whose help and leadership have brought us to this happy day. I will only single out three individuals and two organizations, who I believe have played critical roles that cannot be denied, underestimated, or overstated: The first is our senator, Dianne Feinstein, who put her reputation, determination and influence behind this project for all the right reasons.

The second is Congressman Ed Royce, from upstream, who supports watershed solutions. He authored the House legislation to enable the restoration.

The third is our city manager, David Kiff, who made it one of our city's highest priorities, and helped organize and lead the effort.


The fourth is the Army Corps of Engineers, who play such an important, but often unheralded role in large scale projects of this nature.

And the fifth is The Irvine Co., which has done so much to protect, enhance and define our quality of life, for its guidance and advice throughout.

I hope I fairly represent the deep appreciation felt by my city colleagues, past and present, who have waited so long for this special day.

Councilwoman Leslie Daigle

Newport Beach

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