Mailbag: Local businesses good for city revenue

October 21, 2010

It is very hard to understand the city of Newport Beach. Do they not enjoy the revenue brought in by local businesses? If they are going to get rid of businesses in residential areas, does that mean they will no longer enjoy the revenue from all the home-based businesses that also pay for business licenses ("Public support holds sway," Oct. 20)?

Does this mean that they are going to tear down Marine Avenue and Agate Avenue on Balboa Island? They are both in residential areas. However, they are zoned for mixed use. I cannot imagine the businesses on PCH were not in at least a mixed-use zone. Businesses need to be approved by the city to open for operation.

If the businesses disappear, who is going to want to live on that stretch of PCH? There are already numerous walls protecting the homes from the road noise — on both sides of PCH between Superior and the Santa Ana River bed. Do we, the taxpayers, not pay for these walls? On a similar stretch of PCH near downtown Huntington Beach there are condos where businesses used to be. They are always for sale. The noise from PCH is deafening. No one wants to live on a highway.


What seems to be needed is a little common sense in these beach cities that suddenly want to become Beverly Hills and lose the character that brought every one to them in the first place. The powers that be need to pay attention when they write changes to the City Charter and be more specific about the type of business they are keeping out. People that come to the beach to shop are looking for unique stores that aren't at the mall. Let's keep it that way.

Carolyn L. Carr

Balboa Island

Councilman gets a taste of scorn

Councilman Eric Bever now knows what it is like to be Latino in Costa Mesa ("Bever alleges 'stink eye,'" Oct. 17). How does it feel, Mr. Bever?

Lizabeth McNabb

Costa Mesa

Columnist not accurate about welfare

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