In Theory

July 23, 2010

A recent installment of "In Theory" focused on a project by a Muslim group to build a YMCA-like community center a block from the old World Trade Center site in Lower Manhattan. The project's promoters in the Muslim community said they didn't see this as an affront to the families of the victims of the 9/11 attacks, and that this was their way of speaking out for peace and against perceived extremist elements within their religion.

On July 18, a message posted on Twitter, which was attributed to Sarah Palin, caused a stir: "Peace-seeking Muslims, pls understand, Ground Zero mosque is UNNECESSARY provocation; it stabs hearts. Pls reject it in interest of healing"

As a religious and spiritual leader, do you think this statement was appropriate and that it promotes healing and peace, or does it undermine that?


I think the statement was appropriate and that it does promote healing and peace. I think that for too long Americans have been told that healing and peace can somehow be found in a moral vacuum that excludes truth.

There is no biblical justification for keeping silent as the promoters of Islam do something so insensitive and hurtful as to build a mosque a block from the site where Islamic terrorists killed thousands of innocent Americans without regard to the political or religious beliefs of those attacked.

James 3:17 tells us "the wisdom that is from above is first pure, then peaceable....".

If the Islamic religion is really a religion of peace, then allow America to heal without placing a mosque so close to the site.

Jesus said, "by their fruit you shall know them."

This is a great opportunity for them to show their love and peace by not treating Americans as if they care nothing for how we feel about how we were attacked on 9/11.

Pastor Dwight Tomlinson

Liberty Baptist Church

Newport Beach

A Muslim community center near the site of the old World Trade Center may help to educate people and promote peace. The National September 11 Memorial and Museum is now being built on the site and it is fitting for religious organizations to be near this sacred ground. St. Paul's Episcopal Chapel and St. Peter's Catholic Church are close by.

It is magnificent to see the religious freedom and tolerance so prized in our democracy expressed right here. Most Americans know the difference between the terrorists who flew hijacked planes into the World Trade Center and our Muslim American neighbors.

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