Daily Pilot Cup: Mariners' double trouble

Fifth- and sixth-grade teams in the Daily Pilot Cup will have to watch out for Mariners because it has the Campos twins.

June 01, 2010|By Steve Virgen
(Mark Dustin / Daily…)

Bruno Campos tells the story of his twin sons' birth with great fondness. It seems Travis and Dylan Campos have always been linked.

Before they were born, Travis appeared to have had a perfect path to the birth canal, but Dylan made a move that blocked Travis. The twins' arms were locked. Doctors then performed a C-Section surgery. For the record, Travis was born one minute before Dylan, their father says.

The Campos twins have a tight bond for sure. It's as if they know each other thoughts and reactions. For the past two years, that has been evident in the Daily Pilot Cup, the youth soccer tournament that starts today and ends Sunday.

Travis and Dylan led Carden Hall to its first gold division title two years ago on the boys' third- and fourth-grade level, and they repeated the feat last year.

But this year, the Campos twins have taken their game to Mariners Elementary, as they transferred to the school this year.


The two 11-year-olds have never lost a game in the Pilot Cup. They plan to keep it that way.

"I think we'll probably win [the boys' fifth- and sixth-grade gold division championship]," Dylan says. "The Rea team might be the same team we played in the third grade. If it's still the same players then I think we'll have a shot."

Last year, Rea beat Mariners in the title game, 6-1, to capture its eighth championship in the boys' fifth- and sixth-grade top division. It was the Sharks' third straight title

But now the Campos twins want their third consecutive championship.

"I would watch out for their defense," Travis says of the Sharks. "I don't think that they're that strong."

The brothers' confidence comes from their perfect record, as well as their relationship on the pitch.

When it comes to soccer, they use their chemistry to their advantage. Of course it doesn't hurt that they are talented and highly skilled players for their age. They amaze most onlookers with their level of play.

Travis is more adept to scoring, while Dylan is productive as a midfielder.

"I really enjoy playing with him," Travis says of his brother. "On a lot of plays, I'll be able to read him and he'll be able to read me. If he has the ball he can find gaps to get the ball ahead. It's just really fun to play with him."

Dylan and Travis certainly had fun the past two years at Carden Hall, leading the Eagles to two gold division titles. They transferred to try the public school system and because of economic reasons. Bruno says tuition was $9,800 a year for each son at Carden.

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