Check It Out: Stories seasoned with flavor and love

Check It Out

May 30, 2010|By Melissa Hartson

Some of Orange County's top chefs have been serving up tasty gourmet treats and sharing some of their cooking secrets during the library's "What's Cooking" series. Foodies looking to satisfy their cravings with an added course of good fiction need look no further. Here are a few tales full of flavor for those with a taste for delectable culinary romances.

Television chef Gina Foxton is ready for her big break in Mary Kay Andrews' "Deep Dish." Her show, "Fresh Start," is on the brink of cancellation after her producer is caught having an affair with the wife of the show's major sponsor.

Unfortunately for Gina, the producer is also her boyfriend. So news that a national cooking channel is interested in adding her to their lineup is more than welcome. However she's not the only consideration.


Tate Moody, hunky star of a popular hunting, fishing and cooking show, is also in the running.

The Cooking Channel executives pit the two chefs against each other, turning their competition into a reality show. "Deep Dish" is a laugh-filled riot packed with Southern charm.

Debut author Jennifer Ross takes Southern belle Ansley Waller from her throne in Dallas and transports her to New York City in "The Icing on the Cupcake." Ansley's fiancé has called off their engagement. Rather than continue to face the embarrassment of what's happened, she relocates to the Big Apple to stay with a grandmother she's never met.

Ansley has much to prove to herself and to her newly acquainted grandmother. She turns to baking and decides to open her own cupcake bakery. She creates batch after batch of aptly named goods while trying to heal her broken heart and move on. Each chapter ends with a scrumptious cupcake recipe.

In "Table Manners" by Mia King, Deidre McIntosh has created her own line of cakes and cookies. Now the company backing her new brand may drop her due to a lack of enthusiasm with the focus groups taste- testing her baked goods. To top it off, her high-society boyfriend has reconnected with his ex-fianceé because they travel in the same social circles. Deidre has to find a way to ensure that her anxiety and insecurities don't get the best of her. "Table Manners" is a delightful sequel to King's "Good Things."

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