Council majority not communicating well


May 19, 2010

I paid a visit to City Hall on Tuesday to reserve a park for my daughter's third birthday party. Seeing as how I have not attended City Council meetings for some time now, I took the opportunity to view the posted agenda for our fair city's council meeting Tuesday night. I cannot begin to express my befuddlement over the council's absolute silliness.

The last two items on the agenda, introduced by Mayor Allan Mansoor and Councilwoman Wendy Leece, seethe with hypocrisy and ignorance.

The first, introduced by the mayor, requests that Costa Mesa be declared a "Rule of Law" city pertaining to, presumably, compliance and enforcement of, presumably, state and federal immigration laws. The next item, introduced by Leece, and without irony, calls for suspending the implementation of California state law, pertaining to reducing pollution.


First, the solid conservative majority on the council must get their stories straight. Are we a city compliant with state and federal law, or not? Or does this council think so highly of themselves that they can proudly trumpet the laws that suit their political agenda and publicly oppose those that don't?

Secondly, the proposal by Leece threatens to stop efforts to slow polluting by our state. I assume the mention of global warming in the bill's name is the source of this opposition.

Assuming, for the sake of argument, global warming, and man's role it, as junk science, this still is a willful ignorance of the effects of our pollution upon ourselves. Cancer and asthma rates, dwindling drinking water and the fact that Orange County's eastern mountains are no longer viewable from more than a few miles away are all effects of the use of fossil fuels.

The ugly fact is that pollution from the burning of fossil fuels hurts our welfare, produces early deaths, drives up the cost of health care and makes our region uglier. These things harm our economy as much as any regulation to stop them. And let's not forget that long after lawsuits and payouts have been settled in the Gulf coast's most recent oil spill disaster, the real blame lies with our voracious appetite for fossil fuels.

Again, it has been a while since I stopped in on city hall to listen to the wind blow. I'm disappointed that the same insincere, ignorant, dogmatic diatribe is still prevailing.

Joshua Boyle

Costa Mesa

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