The Players

February 23, 2010

Isao Aoki

 Best Toshiba finish: T-3rd, 1997

 Winner of nine Champions Tour events on one PGA Tour title.

Tommy Armour III

 Making Toshiba Classic debut

 Champions Tour rookie finished second at ACE Group Classic.

Paul Azinger


 Making Toshiba Classic debut

 Winner of 12 PGA Tour titles, including 1992 PGA Tour Championship.

Andy Bean

 Best Toshiba finish: T-23rd, 2004

 Winner of three Champions Tour events and 11 PGA Tour titles.

Phil Blackmar

 Best Toshiba finish: T-32, 2008

 Winner of three PGA Tour titles and one Champions Tour event.

Olin Browne

 Making Toshiba Classic debut

 Winner of three PGA Tour titles and four Nationwide Tour events.

Russ Cochran

 Making Toshiba Classic debut

 Finished second last year in Charles Schwab Cup Championship.

Jim Colbert

 Best Toshiba finish: 1st, 1996

 Winner of 20 Champions Tour events and eight PGA Tour titles.

John Cook

 Best Toshiba finish: T-13th, 2008

 Winner of 11 PGA Tour events and four Champions tour titles.

Fred Couples

 Making Toshiba Classic debut

 Winner of 15 PGA Tour titles, including the 1992 Masters.

Ben Crenshaw

 Best Toshiba finish: T-3rd, ’07, ’08

 Winner of 19 PGA Tour events, including the 1984 and 1985 Masters.

Allen Doyle

 Best Toshiba finish: 1st, 2000

 Has 11 Champions Tour victories, including all four major events.

David Eger

 Best Toshiba finish: T-4th, 2009

 Has two career Champions Tour championships.

Keith Fergus

 Best Toshiba finish: T-2nd, 2005

 Winner of three PGA Tour events and three Champions Tour titles.

Bruce Fleisher

 Best Toshiba finish: 5th, 2004

 Winner of 18 Champions tour titles and one PGA Tour event.

Dan Forsman

 Best Toshiba finish: T-15th, 2009

 Winner of five PGA Tour titles and one e Champions tour event.

David Frost

 Making Toshiba Classic debut

 Winner of 10 PGA Tour titles, the last coming in 1997.

Fred Funk

 Best Toshiba finish: T-4th, 2009

 Winner of eight PGA Tour titles and five Champions Tour events.

Bob Gilder

 Best Toshiba finish: T-8th, 2006

 Winner of six PGA Tour titles and nine Champions Tour events.

Mike Goodes

 Best Toshiba finish: T-21st, 2008

 Winner of one Champions tour event, the 2009 Allianz Championship.

Jay Haas

 Best Toshiba finish: 1st, 2007

 Winner of nine PGA Tour titles and 14 Champions Tour events.

Gary Hallberg

 Making Toshiba Classic debut

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