Pot should be available like tea

January 28, 2010

I feel that the truth about marijuana is hidden.

First, our forefathers and their families grew and used it more than any other garden plant or medicine around. It was the most helpful plant on the planet before it was made illegal.

Another problem is that most people who have used marijuana did so with no guidance.

I strongly feel that most first-time users are not helped or taught how to use it properly. I would compare it to drinking a whole gallon of tequila the first time you ever tried alcohol.


No one would let you do that, but how can anyone stop you from getting high instead of healing yourself, if they do not fully understand the effects of marijuana.

Most experienced marijuana smokers have had no role model to learn from, and have had to be self taught.

This is a slow process compared to centuries ago, when elders taught the children about the marijuana plants that help so much.

I feel that marijuana should be just as available to everyone as tea is.

Marijuana is just safe. If marijuana is used properly, there are no side effects or problems.

This is my 2 cents. Hope it helps. Dispensaries should be allowed and encouraged greatly.

Drew Hayes

Hawaiian Gardens

Legalizing marijuana is a no-brainer

City, state and federal officials should leave pot dispensaries alone!

There are far greater concerns for law enforcement.

Frankly, I believe that marijuana should be legalized — and I do not use marijuana.

I simply think it’s a no-brainer.

Mari Beth Vierra

Huntington Beach

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