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Nov. 24 marked the 150th anniversary of the publication of Charles Darwin’s “On the Origin of Species.” The book laid out his theory of natural selection and spurred a debate, which continues today, on whether human beings are products of

December 04, 2009

A book recently brought to my attention is “The Doctrine on Genesis 1-11,” written by Father Victor Warkulwiz. The author draws on his scientific background to demonstrate compatibility between the account of creation presented in the early chapters of the book of Genesis and the understanding of the Church Fathers and modern-day observations of natural science.

I am concerned that young people in public schools are being taught theories that at their base are atheistic and have no room for “intelligent design” principles. Since admittedly the Catholic church does not have a well-developed theology of creation, Warkulwiz’s book is not only timely, but long overdue. Suffice it to say that I will forgo purchasing Darwin’s book and will refrain from recommending it to my parishioners.

Father Stephen Doktorczyk

St. Joachim Church

Costa Mesa

Of course not. Why would I recommend my congregation read Charles Darwin’s “theory” on the origin of species when they could read God’s authoritative eye-witness account of creation found in the book of Genesis?


Darwin’s theories will not make my holiday shopping list, and if they did I would not choose the holiday recognizing the birth of my Savior. Check back with me around Halloween or April Fools’ day: I might recommend his writings on one of those holidays.

Pastor Dwight Tomlinson

Liberty Baptist Church of Newport Beach

Our common experience is to wonder about our origins. Why am I? Who am I? Why am I here? Who are we? Why are we? Where did we come from? These questions are not only about science, but about meaning. Ultimately they are about God. If we desire scientific answers to questions regarding origins and evolution, we best turn to the natural sciences. If we seek deeper penetration into meaning, we turn to religion.

The Bible is a book of faith, not of science. The Book of Genesis represents the search of a people for meaning and purpose. It asserts the eternal existence of the God who is the cause of all that is, the God who is the uncaused cause. All creation is sacred, especially man and woman, for we are God’s finest work of creation. We are made responsible for the conduct of our lives and for the stewardship of creation.

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