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When members leave their faith

A number of Roman Catholic dioceses, including ones in Sacramento and Chicago, are planning to launch a “Catholics Come Home” campaign later this year to entice back churchgoers who have stopped attending

September 11, 2009

As a parent rejoices when a child who has distanced himself or herself from the family returns home, it is one of our greatest joys when any one of our church members, who has been away for whatever reason, returns to us. “Catholics Come Home” and other such endeavors are not marketing schemes.

Rather, they are expressions of who it is that we are as a church. In order to be authentic, we must not be exclusionary, for Jesus was not. Jesus sought out the stranger and the estranged. We must do as did Jesus. We must be actively welcoming, setting our doors wide and our walls low while holding to the vigor of our faith.

We seek not simply that those who no longer gather with us would return to church services, but that they would return, in a fuller sense, into the community of the church as the Body of Christ.


Catholic life is liturgically centered in the Mass, but Christian faith illumines and graces every moment of our lives.

In those instances in which one of ours has simply drifted away, we want to ease their return so that they will find themselves embraced and cherished.

And in those instances in which the person has departed because of some negative experience, we wish to accept responsibility for that hurt and make amends.

We know that we will be more whole when those who have left us return home. And we believe that those who return will also be more whole. We belong to one another just as we belong to Christ. We miss you.


Our Lady Queen of Angels Church

Many Jews are coming to Temple Isaiah, old and new ones. Many have fallen away because they have not been personally touched inspirationally. Many attend our Friday night services at Temple Isaiah because it satisfies their needs of the youth participation, singing of the temple children led by Yvonne Jablon, inspirational sermons by me, and the singing of our fantastic Cantor. Many new members have joined and old ones are returning to Temple Isaiah of Newport Beach because of many activities offered here at low cost.

Our temple has many members from other parts of the country and the world of all ages.

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