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Succop’s final wipeout

Mr. Irrelevant XXXIV kicks on the beach, learns to surf, and is thumped in volleyball, as week’s festivities wrap up.


“Don’t say that,” Cooper said when someone mentioned he saw sharks the other day at the beach.

“He’ll be OK, right?”

Cooper had no reason to fret.

A couple of handicapped men surfed, showing no fear. Succop joined them in the water.

Succop might have wanted to wait until they left because they performed a lot better.

At first, Succop looked like he rode a mechanical bull and not a surfboard. Each time he fell, he got right back up, waiting for another wave.


They came and Succop hung on for five seconds at most, not long enough to attempt an aerial maneuver. He had a hard time holding his board.

“He carries his board backward,” Salata-Fitch said before Succop gave up surfing for volleyball.

Succop didn’t fare any better out of the water.

In a sport featuring the kill, Succop and his designated guest, Trey Crabill, got killed in a volleyball match.

Two players from the UC Irvine women’s volleyball team dominated Succop and Crabill. Outside hitter McCall Miller and setter Taryn Robertson decided to hit left-handed, taking it easy on the guys.

They continued to win.

Their strategy worked. Succop was more than OK with it because Thursday was the final day of Irrelevant Week and Miller and Robertson executed their plan beautifully.

“It was a distraction,” Miller said of her and Robertson deciding midway through the match to take off their normal workout clothes and wear their bikinis instead. “They don’t see much of that in South Carolina.”

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