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Dog’s best friends

Knick Knack got more than a bone this time. Community paid her bills and is feeding her.

June 01, 2009|By Joseph Serna

The community’s generosity didn’t stop there. Van Horn had said he wanted to start a Knick Knack Fund at the animal hospital so people in similar situations could afford to help their dogs. The same day Meadows covered Van Horn’s bill, another person gave the hospital $2,000 for the Knick Knack Fund, which had yet to be created.

“We weren’t expecting such a response,” Duston said.

Neither was Van Horn. In one desperate situation, Van Horn had seen his dog saved, the bill covered, and a fund created to make sure others can have the same luck.

Oh, and now Knick Knack has free dog food for life.

“We’re suckers for pups,” said Karen Bennett, who with her family runs Pet Chef Express, a dog food home delivery company in Orange County. “What goes around comes around. We’re just dog lovers, and we could do it.”


Van Horn said Pet Chef Express’ menu offerings were an improvement over Knick Knack’s normal diet, which usually comes with seasonings meant for people. Bennett said she knew Knick Knack was a picky eater, but was glad to hear she took to the nutritious diet voraciously.

“That was all the thanks we needed,” she said with a laugh. “Whenever he needs [food] he just needs to call us and we’ll be happy to drop some off.”

Over the last week, the weight lifted off his and Knick Knack’s shoulders has been replaced with a zest to help others. He hopes Knick Knack’s story will inspire people to find others in need of help. For him, it’s reinvigorated his mission to help the people of the Congo, where he aims to start a ministry and build local economies from the ground up.

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