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Q&a With Daria Gordeeva-grinkova:

Stick replaces skates

LACROSSE: Daughter of famous figure skaters no longer competes and instead has taken to the field as a defender.

April 01, 2009|By Steve Virgen

A: I don't think so because to me I feel figure skating is something you need to do since you were 4. So I support my sister [Liza] a lot. She's figure skating right now. She's 7. She's really good. I'm proud of her for doing what she wants to do. I don't think it's anything I will ever compete in again. It's something I did when I was younger.

Q: Would you ever do figure skating for show?

A: I did that a couple times during the year, last year. With my mom we had a friends and family show and I was there. I can skate still. I just can't compete. I guess if it's ever needed I'll do it. It's fine.

Q: What do you see yourself doing five years from now?

A: I want to go to college in a city. I want to major in graphics design or something to do with journalism. I want to go to an art school somewhere in New York or Chicago ... I want to get out of suburbia. I lived in suburbia my whole life and it's not something I like. I want to get out and not have to drive everywhere. I just like the city and I love Russia. I might go there. I go back every winter and summer.


Q: Was it hard for you to stop ice skating?

A: I loved it, but it was never exactly what I wanted to do. I always felt pushed — my mom never pushed me to figure skate — it was everyone around and they were like, "Oh, you're going to be just like your mom. Oh, you're going to win the Olympics just like your mom." I never really wanted that that much so I never pushed hard enough to achieve something like that. It wasn't hard for me to stop, but I was really scared that my mom wasn't going to approve of it and that she was going to get mad at me or upset or disappointed. I didn't want that at all. But I realized that she would be even more disappointed if I spent my time doing something that I didn't want to do instead of doing something I wanted to do.

Q: You probably had a lot of pressure in figure skating, right?

A: I did. That's something else that turned me against [skating] because everyone expected me to do so well. It's hard when everyone has so many expectations for you and you're just like, "I don't know. I don't know how to handle this."

From when I was 7 till the time I was 15, and that's the time you're growing the most, it was hard when everyone is like, "You have to be an amazing figure skater and you have to do this and do that."

And, it was just like, "Oh my God, I can't even handle this."

Q: What advice do you give to your little sister?

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