Solutions to pet bills as simple as a limit

February 18, 2009

I too have a kitty that had a lump appear on her back, many years ago (“A valuable pet lesson,” Feb. 3).

Since she was the runt of the litter it was very prominent. We took her to the vet thinking it was an abscess, and they removed it.

I chose not to have a pathology report done (an extra $70 at that time). Within a few weeks it appeared again. They removed it again and this time I decided to have it tested, since the tissue looked “weird” to the doctor. It was cancer, and I was told they’d be aggressive and remove as much as they could, but because it was so near her spine they could only go so far. At this point I decided this would be the last surgery because it was stressful for the cat and the pocketbook, each surgery being about $300 (at the time). This was about 10 years ago, and Tinky is still chasing her tail and other assorted flying objects in the back yard (although we sometimes question what she’s chasing). She’s living a good, healthy life and I’m happy I made the decision to operate.


Maybe if you put a limit on it, you’ll sleep better knowing you gave it a shot. I found a clinic on Harbor Boulevard and the price was a lot less than a regular vet. You wait forever in the waiting room, but eventually get seen. It was worth it. Best of luck!


Costa Mesa

Park usage for families OK

In response to John Mark’s letter (“Police might treat you with the same attitude,” Feb. 18) and use of parks and schools by people like Brian Theriot or the stroller brigade.

Theriot was coaching and not getting paid, just using the park. According to the John Mark theory, a dad with a bat and four neighborhood kids cannot use the park if the dad is teaching them how to hit the ball.

As for the use of school grounds, if not locked, they are open to the public and if John Mark wants the police to be watching out for tire-jumping kids and baby stroller moms, then tell that to the local banks that are being robbed.

We cannot police our schools and parks against free public use, especially if people like Theriot are helping kids or a parent with and kids from the neighborhood. Maybe Mark should put on a badge and try to discern who gets to use our parks and schools.


Costa Mesa

Nationalize banks if necessary

If taxpayers are putting up the money to bail out the banks, then they should get equity just like any stockholder. If this means nationalizing the banks, so be it. The banks can always return to their private status by paying the taxpayer back with interest.


San Juan Capistrano

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