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Kids These Days:

Obama can set the example

January 19, 2009|By Steve Smith

If we are fed up with politicians betraying us (“Peace with honor,” “Read my lips, no new taxes,” “I did not have sex with that woman” and “Iraq has weapons of mass destruction” are just a few that come to mind) and if we are fed up with businesses cheating the system in order to make a few dollars, there may be no better way to end the cycle than to have the nation’s chief executive declare that lying and cheating must stop, then set the example.

American children need a highly visible example of how to conduct oneself when in charge. For too long, they have watched too many politicians and chief executives lying and cheating their way to what they perceive as success.

Obama can show them there is another way; one that is legal and honorable.

Those of us who did not vote for Obama still wish him well. We hope that as president, he can fix the economy and end the war.


Long after he is gone, however, there will be another economic crisis and another war, I am sorry to state.

Of more lasting value to the nation’s young people, the ones who will be involved in those events, is leadership that thrives on the truth.

We can handle it.

STEVE SMITH is a Costa Mesa resident and a freelance writer. Send story ideas to

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