Bureau gives local store an ‘F’

Customers complain that a Costa Mesa-based golf cart company is selling poor-quality items.

January 10, 2009|By Brianna Bailey

Newport Beach resident Darwin Pearson bought what he thought was a six-seat golf cart to drive his kids to school in from the Costa Mesa-based Electric Cart Warehouse at a local swap meet last summer.

Now he and other customers claim the company took them for a ride.

Pearson claims a salesman for the Electric Cart Warehouse told him the cart, which he purchased for $10,000 over Labor Day weekend, would go as fast as 25 to 30 mph, and could be licensed to drive on some local streets.

“It’s all been a complete lie — it’s just been a nightmare,” Pearson said.

Pearson claims the cart wouldn’t go faster than 18 mph when it was delivered — too slow to drive on the street. Pearson measured the speed with a GPS unit.


“They bought a cart that was not street legal and tried to modify it — they got a cheaper cart, threw a few mods on it and are selling it as a street-legal cart,” Pearson said.

The Better Business Bureau has logged six complaints against the Electric Cart Warehouse, said Tina Renee, a customer service representative from the bureau.

“One consumer complained that he was sold a cart without an engine that wouldn’t run,” Renee said. “Another purchased a cart that wasn’t delivered and wanted a refund.”

The Better Business Bureau has given the Electric Cart Warehouse an “F” rating for its not responding to customer complaints, and for its failing to provide basic contact information for the business to the bureau, Renee said.

Attempts to reach the management of Electric Cart Warehouse, 2957 Randolph Ave., Costa Mesa, were unsuccessful Friday, and staff members at the company said they were not authorized to talk to the media.

Pearson hoped to use the cart to pick up and drop off his children from school. He claims the salesman told him the cart would be detailed and delivered to his home the same day, with all the paperwork in order and a two-year warranty.

“They said they were going to make it look so good you couldn’t look at it in the sun it would shine so much,” Pearson said. “They said I could use it to take my kids to school on Tuesday morning.”

It was after dark by the time the cart was delivered to his home, all covered in plastic wrap. The cart had not been detailed and Pearson was dismayed to find out it wouldn’t go as fast as the salesman claimed, he said.

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