Hopefuls take wrong stance on ranch

October 30, 2008

Gary Monahan, Jim Righeimer and Nick Moss keep saying that we can’t create an open space park at Banning Ranch because it would be a violation of the owner’s property rights.

This is nonsense.

No one is proposing using eminent domain to take the property. It must be purchased from the owners — not, of course, at their own valuation, or Righeimer’s developer-friendly estimate, but for a fair appraised value.

The money will be raised from a variety of public funds and private resources, and this is the goal of the Banning Ranch Conservancy.



Costa Mesa

Writers behind fliers should apologize

Shame on you, Bob Rush.

Shame on you, Jeffrey Walsworth.

Shame on you, Daniel Welden.

Shame on your shadowy gossip mill, the so-called “Newporters For Ethical Government.”

Shame on you for the deceit, the lies, the distortions, and the fabrications relating to Councilman Steve Rosansky and his laudable record on group homes.

You should all know better.

It is sad to see your poison, your negativism, and your outlandish falsehoods represented in the trash pieces you authored — particularly after Denys Oberman’s Concerned Citizens of Newport Beach really did the city a service by sparking city actions against the proliferation of irresponsible group homes.

For the sake of Newport, let’s stop the insanity.

It is not too late for you to publicly apologize to Rosansky and to tell the truth.


Newport Beach

Officials should listen to their constituents

So Keith Curry is upset that someone is trying to “buy” the election. And Steve Rosansky is upset that he is being portrayed as the “Rehab King.” Here’s a news flash for all of the council members: Just shut up, and listen to your constituents!

I have e-mailed the City Council on a couple of issues three times in the last six months or so.

Do you know how many council members answered my concerns? Just one. Nancy Gardner, who responded right away with some thoughtful insight.

Council members, if you want my vote, I would think responding to an e-mail from a voting citizen would be a priority.


Newport Beach

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