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Rosansky rebuts mailer claims

Councilman up for reelection confronts campaign literature insinuating that he had dodged taxes.

October 29, 2008|By Brianna Bailey and Alan Blank

One of the latest mailers from the group Newporters for Ethical Government accuses Newport Beach Councilman Steve Rosansky of not paying his taxes in a timely manner. Rosansky says the mailer is all lies.

“Last year, while Steve ‘Halfway House’ Rosansky was our mayor, the IRS filed a $55,000 tax lien against his business, called Paradigm Realty Inc.,” the mailer reads. “If the IRS can’t trust Steve Rosansky to pay his taxes, how can we trust him to watch over our taxes.”

The mailer includes a less-than flattering photograph of a grinning Rosansky in a broad-brimmed hat, sunglasses and a life jacket, insinuating the councilman was out “enjoying himself” instead of paying his taxes.


The councilman said the claims in the mailer stem from a paperwork mix-up that has since been resolved.

“It was an IRS mistake,” Rosansky said. “It wasn’t my fault. They were missing some paperwork, and they couldn’t find any payment on my part.”

Jack Wu, a spokesman for Newporters for Ethical Government, said the group stands behind the mailer.

“The IRS does not make mistakes when it comes to things like that,” Wu said. “You have to go pretty far along with not paying and not responding before they hit you with a civil penalty.”

The latest campaign disclosure statements from Newporters for Ethical Government show the group dropped another $20,000 on campaign literature this week. The group is being funded by rehabilitation home activist Bob Rush, through his company U.S. Realty Group.

Newporters for Ethical Government also has two other donors, attorney Jeffrey Walsworth, who lives in Newport Coast, and the Anaheim-based business Hot Rods, run by Concerned Citizens of Newport Beach member Daniel Welden. The group has raised about $67,000 so far and has spent about $53,000 on campaign literature, accusing Rosansky of various misdeeds while in office.


If you were thinking of voting for Timothy LeBlanc, Tim Ryan or Nick Thomson for Costa Mesa City Council, don’t bother — you won’t find them on the real ballot.

They are, however, on a mock ballot printed on a large, glossy mailer put out by candidate Gary Monahan. The image of a ballot has Monahan’s name in bold purple letters with a red check mark next to it, fifth from the top (where he will appear on the real ballot).

Candidates Jim Righeimer and Eric Bever are also on the ballot, but in smaller print and without check marks next to their names.

The other six candidates have been omitted and replaced by made-up men’s names, partially blurred out, but still legible to those with sharp eyes.

In elections, any name recognition must be good, Monahan must have realized, even if it’s blurry.


When asked whether Costa Mesa should remove the boulders in Paularino Park to prevent people from playing soccer there, all the candidates replied that what’s done is done, but many of the candidates thought that the boulders were a mistake.

Chris McEvoy had this to say:

“We should keep that park there as a reminder of what not to do with a park in the future.”

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