AYSO Region 97 Soccer Action

September 23, 2008|By Pam Garrett

AYSO Region 97 Soccer Action for Week Three

Frostbite  (GU14)

Natalie Balgie tapped the 1st goal of the game, quickly followed up by a drive by Shantee Elam in the 1st quarter. Page Keys had her first assist after crashing the goal on a goal kick, tapped in by Lauren Hanson.  Megan Farley and Cortland Clement played well on the other side. Bayley Davidson, Leah Van Dyke and Alex Palmer had a great game as midfielders keeping the ball up field. In the 2nd half, Charlie Jackson drilled in one from the 18 yard line.  Page Keys had the angle into the goal for the last point, but got another assist after Natalie

Balgie tapped it in for insurance.  Natalie Teal and Brenda Luna shined on the field as well. Frostbite came out on top with a score of 5 to 2.



Razzeberry Lemonade 1, Blue Stars 1 (GU12)

The stars scored the first goal late in the second half against a tough defensive line of Kira Wondrocke, Julieanne Eifler, Bailey Scalzo and Sienna Keillor for the Lemonaide.  Molly Mc Cuniff scored on an assist by Megan Keys early in the fourth quarter to tie the game. Offensively, Bailey Carr, Kira Ellis-Josch, Brooke Hinton and Hannah Joyce shined.  Midfielders Tara Hurket, Samantha Ludes and Natalie Satchell kept the ball up field and out of the net.


The Go-Go’s vs. The Pink All-Star Army Girls (GU8)

What a game! Lauren Titelman scored off an amazing corner kick.  Allison Crandell and Caroline Pipkin were unstoppable with strong footwork.  Claire Jeffs and Claire Bacon continued their streak of awesome passing while Skylar Jacobsen and Carolyn Altshuler held strong in the midfield.  Grace Fay and Alina Aguirre kept the other team on their toes by covering the field, all the while exhibiting their exquisite skills.

Raptors vs. Sharks (GU10)

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