They don’t really want their MTV

August 16, 2008

Here we go again.

MTV’s back scouring our backyard for “characters” for another one of the network’s so-called reality shows.

This time it appears the casting director was looking for Jeff Spicoli.

They found Tommy Bradley Gatewood, a recent Mater Dei High School graduate who lives in Newport Beach. Oh, and his buddies, too.

“We’re all good guys with great-looking bodies, and we’re just fresh,” Gatewood said.

We’re sure he’ll fit right in with the rest of the navel-gazers on MTV who obsess on their clothes, their hair, money, girlfriends and boyfriends, but not necessarily always in that order.


Last year, we pretty much made the same point when MTV rolled out “Newport Beach: The Real Orange County,” yet another soap opera reality show featuring local “characters.”

The second season ended with this cliff-hanger (according to MTV): “Will Chrissy and Clay get back together just in time for the holidays?”

Sorry, but with the country’s economy tanking, we’re guessing most young people are little more worried about not being able to get a job in their chosen field, or a job, period.

Oh sure, kids will be kids and we’re not so crotchety that we think even in these desperate times young people aren’t out enjoying the beach and catching a wave this summer.

We just know there’s a lot more to life in Newport-Mesa than hanging around the mall or the beach. And, for once, we’d like to see a show that really shows us what today’s youths talk about.

That Southern Californian stereotype’s expiration date should have come up years ago. We don’t need MTV giving it preservatives.

We hope we’re pleasantly surprised if the show airs. But pardon us if we don’t hold our breath.

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