Breakers’ girl is back

TENNIS: Laguna Beach resident, who played for Breakers in 2003, returns to team to play tonight.

July 09, 2008|By Matt Szabo

Life with a 13-month-old son is hard enough.

For Laguna Beach resident Lindsay Davenport, taking care of her son Jagger while trying to resume a pro tennis career has been an exercise in patience.

Davenport, 32, has gotten used to telling people her son is not named after Rolling Stones lead man Mick Jagger. But that doesn’t mean the kid doesn’t demand attention sometimes, as Davenport said in a media conference call Wednesday.


“We’ve had [incidents] where the pilot will put on the landing sign and my son will, you know, poop through his pants,” Davenport said. “I’m sitting there holding him and we’re trying to figure all this out. I mean, crazy stuff happens when you have a baby, and traveling with him obviously makes life more interesting.”

No dirty diapers to worry about tonight, though, at least for a few hours. Tonight at 7, Davenport will be making her lone home appearance for the Newport Beach Breakers (1-3) as they battle the Springfield Lasers at Newport Beach Country Club.

Davenport will also play for the Breakers in Saturday’s away match at Sacramento.

This is Davenport’s eighth year of World Team Tennis; she was named Rookie of the Year in her first year of 1993. She last played with the Breakers in 2003, while last year she played for league champion Sacramento.

It’s different times for sure for Davenport, who is married to Jon Leach, the younger brother of former Breakers player Rick Leach. The former world No. 1 came back to the WTA Tour after giving birth to Jagger, and has since won four singles tournaments, playing against competition that’s sometimes half her age.

At Wimbledon, Davenport had to default her second-round match due to a right knee injury that she shrugged off Wednesday as “just an old knee that’s played too many tennis hours.”

“It’s been pretty remarkable,” she said of her recent run. “I can’t even put into words exactly how kind of excited I am, and a little bit shocked as well. It was funny, because obviously over in London I was really disappointed. My husband was so funny, because I felt like I had been practicing so much for Wimbledon and the summer, and I was obviously disappointed.

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