Mr. Irrelevant XXXIII visits Playboy Mansion

June 27, 2008

All week long, media members followed David Vobora around town for simply being the last pick in the NFL Draft.

No one really felt sorry for the linebacker. Sure, he’s Mr. Irrelevant XXXIII and the struggling St. Louis Rams might cut the No. 252nd pick when he reports to training camp next month.

On Friday, all of that didn’t matter to Vobora because he lived the life of a true star.

Vobora hung out at the Playboy Mansion, just him and his sidekick, Roy Schuening, another Rams rookie, and a bunch of bunnies.


Bunnies sure look better than a bunch of tape recorders, microphones and cameras near your face. Those images of Playboy bombshells constantly kept Vobora and Schuening thinking the night before about the possibilities.

They already had some beauties in front of them in Huntington Beach, where Vobora picked three Irish gals to be his Miss Irrelevants. They hit it off at first. Maybe it was the fact that Vobora was a star football player and the ladies had no idea that the University of Idaho was not a national powerhouse.

Vobora sort of ignored the trio later and pawned one off to Schuening, a lineman.

Vobora felt big-time now, even Schuening. At 6-foot-4, 313 pounds, Schuening already looked larger than life.

If there was anyone who could transform these two Oregon boys into men, they figured it was Hugh Hefner.

Well, Hef does have “The Girls Next Door.” The blondes might think the X’s in XXXIII stand for something other than the No. 33

— David Carrillo Peñaloza

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