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‘United in marriage’

Newport Beach couple ties knot after exchanging rings 33 years ago. Scene at Santa Ana courthouse draws protesters, media.

June 18, 2008|By Alan Blank

Stoyanoff said about a dozen gay people are members of her congregation, and the church had a party the Sunday after the court decision.

Staff at the clerk-recorder’s office said that, aside from all of the media attention and a few changes of procedure, the marriage ceremonies were business as usual.

None of the workers refused to perform gay marriages or protested the procedures, said Jean Pasco, a department spokeswoman.

“It was kind of difficult getting the new words and coding right, but it’s also a nice feeling,” said Daniel Gutierrez, who performed the first marriage ceremony of the day.


While marrying a couple, Gutierrez paused after saying, “I pronounce you…” and had to refer to his script. He was used to following the expression with “…man and wife,” but it has been changed to “…united in marriage under the laws of the state of California,” for not only gay couples, but heterosexuals as well.

By the end of the day 121 licenses were issued in Orange County, mostly to gay couples, Pasco said.

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“Check with meteorologists or seismologists to see if there will be any natural disaster as a result of this.”

Tom Peterson

Newport Beach resident

“It’s a travesty. It’s disgusting.”

Dan Burton

who protested gay marriage ceremonies in Santa Ana on Tuesday.

“Marriage is a legal right. Everyone should be entitled to it.”

Karen Stoyanoff

minister at Orange Coast Unitarian Universalist Church, who is offering free same-sex marriage ceremonies for the rest of the month.

“This is recognized by the state. We’re no longer being treated like second-class citizens.”

Paul Cook-Giles

who married Joe Cook-Giles Tuesday

“This staff is to catch stray sheep and bring them back into the fold.”

Rev. Brenda Lee

protesting the gay marriages with a Shepard’s crook and a white cross with the word “repent,” in her hands

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