‘As sweet as sugar’

June 14, 2008

EDITOR’S NOTE: Teacher Pat McLaughlin’s third-grade class at Mariners Elementary School honored their fathers by writing about why they — the dads, that is — are so spectacular. Following are their submissions:

“My dad is wonderful. I can describe him in so many ways, like he is fantastic, he’s outrageous. I love him so much. He’s the best dad a girl could have. I really do love my dad.

Carly Cox

“I like my dad. He is the best and coolest, even when he smokes and drinks beer. He even takes me to Circle K and lets me buy something. That is why my dad rocks.”


Jonny Clifton

“My dad is the best dad in the universe. He is awesome because he works at a pool and I can go to terrific cook-outs there. He makes awesome steak, ribs and lamb. Yum! My dad also watches me dive. I love my dad.”

Keegan Schonfeldt

“Do you know why my dad is the best? He’s the best because he coaches baseball and basketball teams. He lets me watch whatever I want to watch on TV. He is getting me a pool. On Sunday, he takes my family to dinner and sometimes I can take a friend. My dad is the best.”

Connor Kincaid

“My dad is the greatest. My dad is the greatest because he makes sure I’m safe. He watches Indiana Jones with me. He also takes me places. He has skill because he is a contractor for some houses. That is why my dad is the greatest.”

Robbie Moralice

“I know I have the best dad in the world. He is as sweet as sugar. He works at home on the computer and made the Aspen real estate company. He has been the boss of it for over 20 years! My dad coaches my soccer teams. I like to go on walks with him alone. My dad’s the best!”

Jake Smith

“My dad is the coolest. My dad roots me on at my soccer games. He will do anything that involves an adventure. He’s willing to help me when I’m sick. My dad always wants to take me out to breakfast. I love my dad because he is the best. He is my hero. You are awesome dad!”

Claire Tafoya

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