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UCI’s comedy team

BASEBALL: Pregame skits, organized by Linton, Lopez and Bell, have helped Anteaters stay loose, grow tight.

June 05, 2008|By Barry Faulkner

“Lopez has a talent, definitely,” Bell said. “He can bring the whole crowd down. He’s always got everybody laughing, whether it’s The Company or just making speeches and joking around.”

Some of the players’ favorite skits include a roast of the seniors before the regular-season finale on senior day, a tour of the Baseball Hall of Fame, and a reenactment of the American Gladiators.

The senior roast featured players imitating teammates’ current and former girlfriends to take some sometimes profane shots at their peers.

“Of course it gets salty sometimes,” Hoechlin said. “This is college baseball, so you’ve got to expect that.”

The Hall of Fame tour featured players portraying statues of baseball greats. Linton posed as Jackie Robinson in a famous picture of the former Dodgers great stealing home.


“It was pretty good,” senior Aaron Lowenstein said of the statue imitations. “Ollie even had his hat partially coming of his head, just like Jackie.”

Linton, who mentioned playing Dave Chappelle and Michael Vick as two of his favorite roles, said the constant demand for ideas can be taxing.

“We have less material this year, because we used up a lot of the good stuff last year,” said Linton. “Sometimes we don’t even come up with an idea, so we just go out and freestyle. Sometimes that works really well.”

Linton said opposing teams have been known to laugh along with the routines as they were warming up. Linton also said, as a creator, his target audience has become Gillespie.

“Once we see Coach Gillespie laughing in the background, we know we did well,” Linton said.

Bell has been tabbed the heir to The Company throne, but it remains unclear if the group will continue with new leadership next season.

“It may die with Ollie and C-Lo, but hopefully, someone can keep it going,” Hoechlin said.

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