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Daily Pilot Cup Girls 3-4 Gold Division Championship:

Andersen does it again

Dolphins win their seventh straight championship.

June 01, 2008|By Matt Szabo

“After we’d been scored on, I was really upset, and everybody was really upset,” Hess said. “They went out and did it for me, because they wanted to make me happy because they knew it was frustrating for me to lose that goal. They played their hearts out.”

All tournament long, Andersen also benefited from the solid defense of Payton Carter, Maddie Ruiz, Heidi Ritner and Emily Taxman. Also contributing were Courtney Johnston, Gabrielle Stassart, Erin Hatch, Sierra Muelhauser, Katy Clemens and Alex Osterberg.

For Carden Hall, Barbaresi said the game was still fun. She, Kernan and Carden Hall defender Tara Morris play on a Slammers FC club team with their Andersen opponents Bethel and Musselman


Katie Kearns and Kaylan Knitowski also played good defense for Carden Hall, which also benefited from Leila Modjatahedi’s nice runs and received contributions from Emily Peschong, Jaynie Hexberg and Julia Ackerman. Goalie Emily Goltz made 15 saves.

“We tried our hardest,” Barbaresi said. “Good job to the Andersen team, because they did a really great job and used a lot of teamwork.”

Andersen Coach Glenn Taxman, meanwhile, left the game slightly relieved but happy for his players.

“They fought for the school,” Taxman said. “All the boys’ teams got knocked out [before the finals] for Andersen this year, so it was up to the girls to bring it back home. They had a lot of pressure on them. They knew they had six in a row. They’d been reminded in the neighborhood the whole last week. It’s a lot for 9-year-olds to handle.

“They’ve been reminded by everybody, and us coaches have been reminded by everybody. We didn’t want to have to list our houses for sale.”


Katherine Hess

Caroline Bethel

Courtney Johnston

Gabrielle Stassart

Payton Carter

Madison Binder

Erin Hatch

Sierra Muelhauser

Heidi Ritner

Emily Taxman

Katy Clemens

Maddie Ruiz

Alex Osterberg

Maddie Musselman

Coach Glenn Taxman

Coach Jeff Bethel


Liz Barbaresi

Emily Peschong

Leila Modjatahedi

Jaynie Hexberg

Maddie Kernan

Katie Kearns

Kaylan Knitowski

Julia Ackerman

Tara Morris

Emily Goltz

Coach Peter Barbaresi

Coach Ian Goltz

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