Quieting the noize

Family of late Quiet Riot rocker Kevin DuBrow describe the lively singer’s relaxed lifestyle after the band’s boisterous tour days.

March 19, 2008|By Alan Blank

It was the mid-’90s, and Kevin DuBrow was more than a dozen years removed from the height of his success when his band Quiet Riot dueled the likes of Michael Jackson and Lionel Richie for the country’s No. 1-selling album.

Quiet Riot had gone through several convulsions since that breakthrough album, “Metal Health.” Endless quarrels even led to DuBrow getting fired from his own band.

Still, things had calmed down, and the guys released an album in 1993. A greatest hits record would be released in 1996. So here was DuBrow, 40 years old, living with mom Laura and stepfather Hal Mandell in Newport Beach as he waited for his Las Vegas home to be finished.


Considering the band’s rowdy 1997 tour that involved several arrests, and his own demise from a cocaine overdose 10 years later, DuBrow’s return to family life wasn’t what you’d expect.

His lifestyle was far from his raucous, rebellious stage performances, Laura said. Kevin would spend his days idyllically cooking and shopping with her.

“He grew up in Los Angeles, so Newport Beach was like the country to him,” Laura said. “He played a few gigs, but he spent most of his time just hanging around. I would come home from work, and he would have dinner ready for me.”

A few months since DuBrow’s death, his mother and brother, Dr. Terry Dubrow — known as the plastic surgeon from the TV series “The Swan” — recalled the tall, curly-haired rocker who made his mark with a band that ushered in the glam era of heavy metal.

By many accounts Kevin had both the quintessential in-your-face personality of a hard rocker and also a very kind, gentle, unassuming nature.

“He lived like a true rock star,” Terry said. “He was huge, 6-foot-4 and frenetic, always moving, always in a good mood.”

Kevin grew up in Hollywood before moving to Van Nuys as a teenager. Laura and Terry moved to Newport Beach after Terry finished medical school.

Kevin’s last years were spent living in Vegas, but he ended up back in Corona del Mar, where he’s buried next to his stepfather at the Pacific Grove Cemetery.

Those who knew him say his charismatic presence and kind-hearted nature will be missed at his local haunts.

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