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Locals enter ‘Sexiest Kilt’ competition for many reasons, including tracing, connecting to ancestry.

March 10, 2008|By Daniel Tedford

Everyone loves a man in a kilt — at least that is the frame of mind at Muldoon’s Pub in Newport Beach.

The bar had its seventh annual “Sexiest Kilt” competition Sunday afternoon, with men sporting the Scottish attire to get patrons in the St. Patrick’s Day spirit as the holiday approaches.

“Any excuse to wear a kilt,” said Paul Buchanan of Long Beach, competing for his fourth time at Muldoon’s.

The men dressed in an array of kilts with items purchased online or made at home. Some told jokes when on stage, one person read a poem, and most gave a brief and entertaining history lesson on their outfits.


Anaheim Hills resident Scott Well, who won two years ago, got into kilts as a way to trace his ancestry and connect with his heritage. He learned how to make some of his costume, purchased other items — such as his broad sword — and researched their meaning as well as the proper method to dress himself.

“It’s a special talent just to put the stuff on,” he said.

The courtyard was filled with customers watching the men show off their clothing. Three women judged the men and decided who would win the Sexiest Kilt trophy and a $150 gift certificate to Tartan, a kilt store who sponsored the event. Danny Craig, of Aliso Viejo, took home the prize.

“It’s a lot of fun,” said Craig, who was participating in his third contest. “A lot of people don’t know the tradition, but this makes the topic fun and informative.”

The final question contestants were asked was what the meaning of sexy is to them. Most of them referred to confidence, which many of them exhibit in their kilt wearing.

“What I realized is there is a tremendous pride and enthusiasm from the gentlemen who wear kilts,” special events director Richard Kaplan said referring to where the idea for the competition came from. “I decided, let’s bring over an audience to get up close and personal with these men.”

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