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GOP calendar girls

Young Republicans hope $15 calendar will entice younger men to group, debunk stereotypes.

November 22, 2007|By Chris Caesar

Shawn Fago of the Orange County Young Republicans and George Andrews, executive director of the county’s GOP, got to talking one day about how they could attract more young Republicans to the party.

Half-joking, Andrews suggested a swimsuit calendar. Republicans gone wild? Not exactly.

Instead, the Young Republicans have created a “Women of the Orange County Young Republicans” calendar that isn’t as racy as, say, Sports Illustrated, but is definitely designed to disabuse the stereotype that the GOP is dominated by stuffy, old, white men.

The calendar, available for $15 at (, features young, local and beautiful Republicans Fago hopes will entice young men to join the Young Republican ranks.


“We’ll sell a few, just to meet our costs, but we’ll start mailing them to men in their 20s after that,” he said. “We just want to say, ‘This is who we are, and this is what we do Here are some of the folks in our organization.’”

Don’t worry, though, these models aren’t all just good looks and no brains. The calendar also features blurbs about why they’re conservatives.

“I believe as U.S. citizens we have a responsibility to serve as stewards of democratic liberty, that capitalism breeds innovation and rewards merit, that our Founding Fathers understood our values were the basis of our nation, and that supporting them is imperative to our continued success,” Tiffany Delepine, aka Ms. August, writes.

“Most of all, I believe the Republican Party is our country’s best insurance against socialist tyranny, and that is why I am proud to be an activist member of the GOP,” she concludes.

Apparently, though, all those Ann Coulter wannabes won’t get to see any GOP beefcake on a calendar.

Fago revealed tentative plans to create a similarly gender-targeted campaign for young female Republicans, but dismissed the “Men of the Orange County Young Republicans” calendar idea as “a little hokey” for the group.

Those interested in learning more about the Orange County Young Republicans should visit


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