MAILBAG:Curry's City Hall letter full of errors

August 03, 2007

Councilman Curry, get your facts right.

The article printed in the Forum quoting Councilman Keith Curry's position regarding the city hall site ("Unite and move forward now on city hall," July 30) is outrageous.

It underscores the lack of knowledge from our own elected officials. Steve's article is riddled with incorrect statements, half truths and has gaping holes in his reasoning.


One of the gaping holes is the absence of any agreement with the OCTA to make their site available. What do we have to pay to get them to move? That figure is absent as far as the public knows.

Steve, have you personally really looked at the OCTA site?

As far as the need to replace the "promised" park site, even though the Ficker plan takes only a small portion of it, why not give those who want more parks the existing city hall site? This in spite of the city's own master plan statement that we don't need any more parks.

Those who clamor for more parks only have to go to the so-called Harbor View park, otherwise known as the "weed patch." DICK STEVENS

Time Warner service not just a local problem

On July 18 Time Warner mailed thousands of letters to its Costa Mesa customers terminating basic telephone service. The letter states, in essence, "pay for services you don't want or go elsewhere."

I called the Time Warner telephone marketing group apparently in San Antonio. I was informed that Time Warner already mailed similar letters to it's telephone customers based in Texas. This is not just a local problem with Time Warner dictating to whom they will provide service.

The bottom line is my current telephone cost of $16 per month isn't good enough for Time Warner, who wants to move me up to $39 per month by packaging services I don't want or need.

Whatever happened to "Have it your way"?


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