BACK:Confidence, comfort gained


July 24, 2007

  • EDITOR'S NOTE: The organizers of this event requested that the last names of the participants not be used.

    What have you gained from being a part of "Summer at The Center?"

    "We gain a lot of confidence, and we learn that we have to speak in order to be heard."

    Cristina, 17

    "I learned to be myself, not to be afraid of who I am, regardless of what people think of me."

    John, 16

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    "I've learned to be more outgoing, to be comfortable around people now."

    Sharon, 15

    "Motivation. I'm more motivated to pursue my dreams in singing and dancing."

    Polly, 16

    "I learned a new way to express myself, a new way of expression."

    Jason, 17

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