BUSINESS WATCH:Waste not when moving assets

Transportation companies help customers go green, with recycled rentable boxes and 18-wheelers that run on bio-diesel fuel.

May 21, 2007|By Amanda Pennington

After spending a few years traveling as a private yacht captain, Corona del Mar High School graduate Kevin Kramer, 25, came home to join the family business.

For generations his family has been involved in the moving industry and Kramer was destined to become a driver for his dad's Mayflower business. But after spending time on the water and out in nature, Kramer began to question if what he was doing — driving an 18-wheeler throughout the Western United States — was the right thing to do.

"These big trucks weigh 50,000 pounds and often are only moving 10,000 to 15,000 pounds," Kramer said. "They are burning major diesel — it takes more to move the truck than the actual goods…. It's completely inefficient for what it is."


And an idea was born.

Now Kramer moves people using his new 18-wheelers that run on bio-diesel fuel through his new company

Kramer is starting locally because the bio-diesel is something that is not widely used quite yet, something he hopes will change as other companies realize it's a viable option.

But he's not the only one around town concerned with the waste that moving companies generate.

A few years ago after moving his home office, Spencer Brown tried to find a place to recycle the $800 worth of cardboard boxes he used, but he just couldn't get rid of them.

"I finally went to one of the local landfills and there was all this cardboard and plastic," Brown said at his Costa Mesa office. "I had this 'ah-ha' moment that if we could provide some alternative to the boxes, we could get rid of all this waste."

The product designer went to work researching the problem.

His research led him to start, a company that uses plastic and cardboard from landfills to create ecologically sound alternatives to cardboard boxes, packing paper bubble wrap and similar cushions.

But Brown realized that convenience and cost are two other issues people take into consideration when they move, so Brown delivers his Recopaks and other products right to the homes of customers and his company will pick them up again after the move.

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