Quality time tops Tiffany's

May 11, 2007|By Steve Smith

Forget about diamonds from Tiffany's or a trip around the world. Time after time, moms everywhere say the one thing they really want for their special day is time with their family. With that in mind, here are some very special gifts for Mother's Day.

A Grape Escape

Let mom experience peace and serenity — something she may not get a lot of at home — while drifting over vineyards as the sun rises over the mountains in Temecula. Take flight with the birds and observe wildlife marveling at the sight of a beautiful hot air balloon floating overhead. View lakes, citrus groves, wineries and estate homes from your unparalleled view in the air.

Mom's adventure begins at sunrise as cold air inflates her beautiful seven-story hot air balloon, piloted by a certified commercial pilot who will navigate the flight with your family's safety and enjoyment in mind. During your one-hour ride the pilot will also act as your family's tour guide to identify local points of interest and answer any questions.


Once back on the ground, A Grape Escape will toast your successful flight and new status as "aeronaut" with champagne, orange juice and a continental breakfast served picnic style in the gardens at Wilson Creek Winery. As a memento of your journey, you will be presented with a souvenir photo in a picture card.

A Grape Escape offers balloon tours every day over the beautiful Temecula Valley.

Tours start at $124 per person. For reservations and information, call (800) 965-2122 or visit

Duffy Boat Rental

One of the great benefits of living in Orange County is the availability of Newport Harbor. Known up and down the coast as perhaps the best "cruising" harbor, Newport offers a couple of very special ways to see the sights. One is the Duffy boat.

Created by Marshall "Duffy" Duffield, the Duffy boat is a quiet, fuel-efficient way for the entire family to cruise around and explore beautiful Newport Harbor. The electric boats can be rented by the hour, accommodate 10 to 12 passengers and come equipped with a CD player and ice — you provide the food and drinks. Duffy boats are easy to use and can be piloted by mom's younger skippers, too.

Mom will enjoy relaxing on the Duffy with her favorite beverage while her family gives her a guided tour of this exquisite scenery.

Rentals start at $60 per hour. For reservations and information, call (949) 965-6812.

Gondola Ride

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