Local girl has 'Killer' role at film festival

10-year-old Kirsten Hansen of Newport Beach appears in a nine-minute short.

April 20, 2007|By Sue Thoensen

Kirsten Hansen's mom wouldn't let her daughter appear in a feature-length horror film. But the Newport Beach 10-year-old was allowed to accept a role in the nine-minute short "The Killer," since her mom felt the film isn't as ominous as its title suggests, and both she and Kirsten agreed it's more like "The Twilight Zone" than "Carrie."

Karen Muller, Kirsten's mom, said they have turned down many other film offers, including the horror movie, because she felt the roles were inappropriate for her daughter.

Kirsten has a featured role in "The Killer," part of a series of scary shorts, Nightmare on Short Street, that are being shown at the festival.


The film stars Emmy-winning actress Michael Learned, from "The Waltons," and Miguel Sandoval, star of the NBC show "Medium." Kirsten said she thought it was a "really well-done movie," and that acting with the two accomplished performers helped her improve her acting skills because "they were so good."

Muller said her daughter has always loved to act.

Kirsten has done commercials, voice-over work and appeared in other short films.

Appearing on Nickelodeon's "Friday Night Slime" show has been Kristen's favorite performance so far.

"Oh my gosh, being with all those kids and no parents" was the best part, she said, adding that she liked winning the show's trivia contest and getting slimed the most.

Kirsten and her mom are very excited about the movie premiering in this weekend's film festival.

"I'm happy that my daughter is having fun and doing what she loves to do, like any parent," Muller said.

Kirsten says she's a good student, plays club soccer and still finds time to act during the school year. Having a TV show based on her life — where she'd "get to play herself" — is what she's hoping for.

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